Multi-Advertiser School Posters

Our 12″ X 18″ Posters include an available center space for anything from a basic school year calender, to a custom event schedule specific to the school’s organization wishing to promote them. This makes each poster a useful item to parents, students, faculty, and supporting adults. Each poster features sponsoring business ads which are exclusive to your industry. Posters are printed in full color, and each ad is printed in photo quality, allowing businesses and schools to use their own creative work. Our Posters are free to school organizations allowing them to retain 100% of the proceeds collected from any sales of the items, or use them as a giveaway item to be posted in storefronts, displayed at a student’s home, or any school event. Posters promote both the businesses and the school, and are a fun way to show community and school spirit while encouraging students to get involved in a positive school function.

Poster Ad Sizes

Our Poster Ads come in a variety of sizes to suit any advertising need. They are printed in full color, photo quality, allowing businesses to submit their own designs or have our talented design department create one for them. Digital proofs can be emailed out to our sponsoring businesses for approval.